Core Value: Mission

This Sunday night we’re going to be looking at another one of re:Generātion’s core values: mission. Working out of Luke 24:44-53, we’ll examine the what, how, and why of mission all with an eye to answering the fundamental question: “How do I live missionally (that is, for the sake of the Gospel) in every area of my life?” Here are a few quotes to get you thinking:

Ed Stetzer
Being Missional means actually doing mission right where you are. Missional means adopting the posture of a missionary, learning and adapting to the culture around you while remaining biblically sound.
Tim Keller
Ultimately, we are simply following our Savior’s lead as He gave us the ultimate example of being missional when He came from heaven to be a missionary here on earth—talk about contextualization!
Mark Driscoll
It is imperative that Christians be like Jesus, by living freely within the culture as missionaries who are as faithful to the Father and his gospel as Jesus was in his own time and place.
N. T. Wright
The church is called to do the work of Christ, to be the means of his action in and for the world. . . . Mission, in its widest as well as its more focused senses, is what the church is there for. God intends to put the world to rights; he has dramatically launched this project through Jesus. Those who belong to Jesus are called, here and now, in the power of the Spirit, to be agents of that putting-to-rights purpose.
—Grant B.


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