Getting Ready to Launch . . . T-Minus One Month

With the third and final pre-Launch meeting now behind us (again, thanks to everyone who’s been able to attend and participate) and the core team formed (we’re looking at about 30 people all told), the launch of re:Generātion is now officially within the month. Here’s what the February schedule looks like:

February 7th
Super Bowl; Promote re:Generātion (No Meeting)

February 14th
Valentine’s Day (No Meeting)

February 21st
(No Meeting)

February 28th
Preview Launch Service @ 7pm

March 7th
re:Generātion Launch
6pm -
Life Groups
7pm - Word and Worship

Keeping those dates in mind, what should we be focusing on over the next couple of weeks?
  1. Developing missional Life Groups. By February 21st, our goal is to have three to five small groups organized around being an intentional, regular and corporate presence for blessing in the lives of a particular people-group (i.e., CCC, recovering addicts, a local Starbucks, yard-work in a neighborhood, etc.). If that sounds confusing or daunting, don’t stress, we’ll be posting more about what that means and connecting with most of you one-on-one in the coming weeks.
  2. Implementing your Discipleship Model. This is basic, but it doesn’t go without saying. Most everyone checked-in their completed discipleship model last night (great work!). Now that the goals have been set, it’s time to execute: devotional plan, accountability plan and missional plan.
  3. Getting to know “their story.” As Grant said last night: spend some intentional time in the next couple of weeks being present, being caring and being sacrificial in the lives of the lost people around you.
  4. Inviting. Inviting. Inviting. Whether it’s an un-discipled “church” friend who’s just floating through life or a lost friend who’s completely “un-churched,” know who you want to invite, connect with them and start getting the word out.


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