Preparing to Launch - One Week to Go (Part 2)

This post will address the question: "what should you expect at the re:Generation pre-launch gathering?"

I think there are a few things to be aware of, and a few things to look forward to.

First, before you walk through the doors, open your eyes. One of the main purposes of this pre-launch gathering is to be critical and analytical of the happenings at this gathering. We, as a launch team, as a leadership team, must approach this night eager to find ways to make things better, easier, and more effective. The point people for the evening and the teams are as follows: Anna Carlson/Hospitality; Kevin Dickey/Prayer; Taylor Reavely/Music; Grant Blomdahl/Sound and Tech. Please direct comments or thoughts or helpful hints to these people. (We will try to have comment cards available by the doors to help facilitate this...) Use this evening to help enable re:Generation to be a place where Christ is evident and where people are loved.

Second, prepare yourself to "linger in the presence of God." We will spend our time in worship and prayer while glancing again at the bigger picture of the Kingdom of God and the role of re:Generation in that picture. As you come with your eyes open to critique and analyze the evening, also come with your eyes open ready to picture Jesus and see His beauty. Don't lose sight (in all the excitement) of the fact that Christ is the center. Come ready to see and delight in Him.

Third, 30 minutes after the gathering is over, if you're a part of the launch team and have attended the previous launch team training evenings, plan on meeting in the chapel (down the hallway past the bathrooms on the right) to debrief the evening and plan ahead for the "official" launch on the 7th of March.

I think that is all. Work hard these next couple weeks at developing relationships and being intentional about bringing up re:Gen in normal, everyday conversation. And be pumped and in prayer. Exciting things are happening! God is at work!


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