Elect Exiles and the Pursuit of Joy

Here are some thoughts to prepare you for the Word on Sunday night:

1. We, as elect exiles, have cause for GREAT joy, because of the work of Christ. (1 Peter 1:3-5)
2. Our joy in suffering, sharpens our faith, preparing us for the revelation of Christ, when our faith will be sight. (1 Peter 1:6-9)
3. Our work of Christ in our salvation is so glorious, that the prophets longed and the angels long to take part in it. (1 Peter 1:10-12)

There are a few quotes that have influenced my thinking and understanding of this text:

"Grace came down. Joy came up. That’s Christianity."
John Piper

God is preparing you, through suffering, to enjoy him more in heaven than if you had not suffered: “It will be no damp to the happiness of those who are of lower degrees of happiness in glory that others are more advanced in glory above them for all shall be perfectly happy, everyone shall be perfectly satisfied, every vessel that is cast into the ocean of happiness is full, though there are some vessels far larger than others. And there shall be no such thing as envy in heaven, but perfect love shall reign through the whole society.”
Jonathan Edwards (quoted by John Piper.)

“This is God’s universal purpose for all Christian suffering: more contentment in God and less satisfaction in self and the world.”
Piper, Desiring God, p.222

"Had some sweetness in the thoughts of arriving at the heavenly world. O for the happy day! God gave my special assistance in prayer; I wrestled with much sweetness; intercession was made delightful employment to me..."
David Brainerd, The Life of David Brainerd, p.33

"Was not a little distressed for want of suitable food. Had no bread, nor could I get any. I am forced to go or send ten or fifteen miles for all the bread I eat; and sometimes it is moldy and sour before I eat it; and then again I have none for some days together, for want of an opportunity to send for it, and cannot find my horse in the woods to go myself. And this was my case now, but through divine goodness I had some Indian meal, of which I made little cakes and fried them. Yet felt contented with my circumstances, and sweetly resigned to God. In prayer I enjoyed great freedom, and blessed God as much for my present circumstances as if I had been a king: I found a disposition to be contented in any circumstances. Blessed be God!"
David Brainerd, The Life of David Brainerd, p.61

"My leanness testifies against me! My soul abhors itself for its unlikeness to God and sluggishness. When I have done all, alas, what an unprofitable servant am I! My soul groans because I do not fill the hours in spirituality and heavenly-mindedness. Yet I long they should speed their pace to hasten me to my eternal home, where I may fill up my moments, through eternity, for God and His glory."
David Brainerd, The Life of David Brainerd, p.57

Come Sunday night at 7pm, and bring a friend!


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